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5th Chakra - Voice – Truth - Timing

5th Chakra - Voice – Truth - Timing Image
Chakra Five: Vishuddha - Throat Chakra
Voice - Truth - Timing
5th Chakra is located at the throat and is the center of communication, truth and timing. It is the energy of expression into the world with love, expressing your talents and voicing your truth to others. Expressing true self in the moment attracts new and wonderful people and experiences that encourage your spiritual growth and promote your uniqueness.

5th Chakra Balancing Formula
The Chakra Shoppe fifth chakra formula resonates with a pungent and crisp stimulation. White and light purple blossoms and fruit essences vibrate the naturally balanced frequency of fifth chakra. These essences intend to create a natural enhancement and revitalization by connecting our spirits to clarity and truth.
5th Chakra - Voice – Truth - Timing
5th Chakra Aura Spray Image

5th Chakra Aura Spray
An instant infusion of aroma and vibration for the outer layer of the aura.

5th Chakra Body Oil Image

5th Chakra Body Oil
Body oil may be used by for massage, as bath oil, or direct on the chakras.

5th Chakra Bath Salt Image

5th Chakra Bath Salt
Provides the deepest vibrational enhancement.