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6th Chakra - Intuition - Charisma - Unity

6th Chakra - Intuition - Charisma - Unity Image
Chakra Six: Ajna - Third Eye
Intuition - Charisma - Unity
6th Chakra is located in the square inch of space just above the bridge of the nose. This is the center of inner knowing, imagining and a channel to the all that is. It is the energy of receiving guidance on our path, intuitive strength and higher level compassion. This is the energy that helps us create our future self. When 6th Chakra is balanced we feel a sense of peace and flow and trust that all is well, that all the answers will come to us in right timing.

6th Chakra Balancing Formula
The Chakra Shoppe sixth chakra formula resonates with a stimulating invigorating herbal aroma. White and light purple blossoms and green herbs vibrate the naturally balanced frequency of sixth chakra. These essences intend to create a natural enhancement and revitalization by connecting our spirits to present/future time, concentration, imagination and memory.
6th Chakra - Intuition - Charisma - Unity
6th Chakra Aura Spray Image

6th Chakra Aura Spray
An instant infusion of aroma and vibration for the outer layer of the aura.

6th Chakra Body Oil Image

6th Chakra Body Oil
Body oil may be used by for massage, as bath oil, or direct on the chakras.

6th Chakra Bath Salt Image

6th Chakra Bath Salt
Provides the deepest vibrational enhancement.