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2nd Chakra - Creativity - Sexuality - Desire

2nd Chakra - Creativity - Sexuality - Desire Image
Chakra Two: Svadhisthana - Sacral Chakra
Creativity - Sexuality - Desire
2nd Chakra is located just below the navel and is the power of sensuality, emotions, desire and passion. It governs creativity, ideas and relating. A powerful 2nd chakra gives you the ability to relate to others in an open and friendly way, moving toward a fulfilling emotional and sexual life. When sacral is balanced, our ideas flow freely, we have passion for life experience and joy in connecting with others, sharing harmonious co-creation, friendship and more!

2nd Chakra Balancing Formula
The Chakra Shoppe 2nd chakra formula resonates with a rich and stimulating citrus musk. Orange, red and yellow blossoms, green herbs and tree essences vibrate the naturally balanced frequency of second chakra. These essences intend to create a natural enhancement and revitalization by connecting our spirits to sensuality and passion.
2nd Chakra - Creativity - Sexuality - Desire
2nd Chakra Aura Spray Image

2nd Chakra Aura Spray
An instant infusion of aroma and vibration for the outer layer of the aura.

2nd Chakra Body Oil Image

2nd Chakra Body Oil
Body oil may be used by for massage, as bath oil, or direct on the chakras.

2nd Chakra Bath Salt Image

2nd Chakra Bath Salt
Soaking in chakra salts provides the deepest vibrational enhancement.